This ain't no Royal Flush.

Lauren. 21. Newly sober. Brooklyn is my hometown, but currently living in New York, NY. Fangirl ~ Booshlr, blink-182, Joy Division, the Libertines, anything Scottish (Celtic over Rangers any day), Loki, Martin Freeman. Ian Curtis is probably my hero. I have a new addiction for the Romantic era, primarily the British (John Keats has my heart eternally), though I like the American as well, for the deeply disturbed part of me loves Poe. I love horror, anything guitar-related, and pictures of cats doing stupid things. Especially the cats.

This is my face, in case you wanted to see it.  Men In Tight, Silly Costumes, That I Like (And Other Sexy Beasts)  
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The show is THIS THURSDAY and it’s only $5 - Get your tickets now right here.

You definitely don’t want to miss host Streeter Seidell perform. Not only will there be an All New Hardly Working but the hilarious stand-up of Damien Lemon & Barry Rothbart so make sure to reserve your tickets before it sells out.

and i just happen to leave to go home to NYC this thursday, a few hours before. ZOMG

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