This ain't no Royal Flush.

Lauren. 20. Brooklyn is my hometown, but currently living in GLASGOW. Fangirl ~ Booshlr, blink-182, Joy Division, Macklemore, The Libertines, and anything British. Ian Curtis is probably my hero. The Mighty Boosh is my favorite show ever. Jujubear and my sexy Princey Vincey are genius. Oh, and Loki. Martin Freeman, too. Thought that needed to be mentioned. Yeah, this is sometimes NSFW. Usually not though, usually just some obsession or other of mine.

This is my face, in case you wanted to see it.  Men In Tight, Silly Costumes, That I Like (And Other Sexy Beasts)  
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The show is THIS THURSDAY and it’s only $5 - Get your tickets now right here.

You definitely don’t want to miss host Streeter Seidell perform. Not only will there be an All New Hardly Working but the hilarious stand-up of Damien Lemon & Barry Rothbart so make sure to reserve your tickets before it sells out.

and i just happen to leave to go home to NYC this thursday, a few hours before. ZOMG

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